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Reviews about "Head in the Clouds"

Updated: Oct 6, 2021

אבא טרף נמר / Head in the Clouds / Con la Cabeza en las Nubes

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Me with the puppet of the Mother

A sample from the Israeli and Foreign Press

  • “The most beautiful was the Train Theater's "Head in the Clouds" prepared by Patricia O'Donovan and Alan Whinston. Patricia was the solo player who brought to life the world of little Josette who looks for her father.....the execution was exquisite. Patricia O'Donovan knew how to to take Josette's problems to heart, how to live through all her discoveries and her joy, how to display Josette's ingenuity in the creation of her own world. She has an expressive face, and a sense of humor which helped her to convey the importance of all the little girls' problems. The audience was completely conquered”

Henryk Jurkowski. Jerusalem the Stronghold. Animations, Oct 1990

  • “Patricia O'Donovan and Alan Whinston...a senstional is a one person show and the performance relies on her...a magnificent actress and puppeteer....the mis -en-scene and the music are accessible to any child because Head in the Clouds lights up the imagination of the children transforming the conventional perception of objects into the realm of free play, spontaneity and creativity”

Guillermo Murray Prisant. El Universal. Mexico, 14/08/89

  • "Head in the Clouds" is a rare pearl, a show based on pure talent and imagination…..the show did not leave my head ( after seeing it on TV) until finally I managed to see it on the stage .But instead of making things better it made them worse: now I want to see it again …... And one goes back home and the girl, a sworn TV addict, suddenly draws out of the box her long forgotten dolls and talks to them and through them, and creates a world for herself. To desire more than that, is impossible."

Atara Ofek. Children's theater. Chadashot, Israel 15/01/93

  • "Head in the Clouds" of the Train Theater in Jerusalem which travels to other parts of Israel as well, is an essential object theater, a basic theater, primordial, close to every child's heart. This is a one woman's show where the objects are the story, or if you want so, the characters as well."

Naomi Ben Gur. All the World a Stage. Davar, Israel. 22/12/91

  • "I chose "Head in the Clouds" of the Train Theater of the best show for children of the year".

Sara Arnon. On Children's Theater. Yediot Acharonot, Israel. 19/09/90

  • “I will start with praise, since rarely does one come across such a marvelous show, full of imagination, rich in invention, humor, good taste and beauty. So marvelous that I wished it would never end”.

Kartis Knisa. Yediot Acharonot, Israel. 27/04/90

  • “ We saw a great number of shows from many countries in the world. We want to especially mention "Con la Cabeza en las Nubes"....that delighted everybody with its originality-in particular Patricia's daring and direct language both as an actress and an object theater puppeteer”

Toni Rumbau y Eugenio Navarro. MISCELANEA. El Magazine de la Marioneta. Barcelona,1990

  • "Patricia O'Donovan's show "Head in the Clouds" won lately the second prize at the International Festival of Puppet Theater in Mexico City. G. M. Prisant journalist that writes in El Universal: " The show sets fire in a magical way the imagination of the children…this is THE show of the festival."

Hadas Ofrat. Unima Israel Publications, Winter 89/90

  • “ I will tell you about one of the Israeli shows for children which has had most success in the last years. It is "Head in the Clouds", created and directed by Patricia O'Donovan inspired by stories by Eugène Ionesco”.

Zulema Zylberman. La Opción, Israel. Nov-Dic 1993


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