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Courses I teach this year 2021-22

Due to the pandemic and the interest in distance learning which has allowed many students to have access to the courses because they live far away and want to save on time and travel, I continue to teach this year via zoom.

I have been using  zoom since the beginning of corona and the courses were very successful.

It IS possible to learn via zoom, and learn very well. One important thing is lacking: an audience.

Students don't feel the need to project their voices and also, receive no feedback from the audience which is so important. To overcome this, part of the exercises you will have to prepare will be recorded  with an audience of your choice: family, friends or work colleagues.

I teach:

1-Courses at the Dvora Tsafrir School of Puppetry and the Art of Storytelling


2-Private small groups of 5 to 10 people. Contact me directly at 052 7453802

Read about them in the posts below. 

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