Puppet Theater as a Tool in Education

Oral Storytelling

Masks from Ritual to the Contemporary Stage

The Traditional Theater of South East Asia

Shadow Theater

Children’s Theater Production

Commedia dell’ Arte ( for beginners)

The aim is to understand the power of puppets as the scapegoat that experiences the behavior we want to change, the ignorance we want to erase or the fear we want to eliminat...

 Before books existed we passed on information orally. We conveyed messages not only through speech but through a variety of gestures and poses. Our body was part of the comm...

The aim of the course is to teach all about producing a play, from idea/ text/story to performance.

What I teach students:

1-If you start form a story, read it, know it well th...

In Object Theater both the actor and the object are central to the events on stage. The object is never transformed, it is left as it is, giving the actor freedom to perform...

Masks that allow you to see the character 360 degrees in the space before the screen. They are worn over the head, the face is free allowing you to see your shadow at all tim...

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