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How do I go from an idea, poem, text, story to a full performance?

How can I integrate puppets, objects, shadow figures or masks?

What do we mean by the "concept" of a performance and how do I arrive at one?

How do I decide whether to work with shadow figures or full body puppets? What does this choice depend on?

How can I become a better storyteller? 

What makes a story interesting when told orally?

How do I go from a written story to an oral one?

And more....

Puppets and masks, shadow figures and ready made objects, are built differently and

therefore move differently. Since you are the mover, it affects your movement in space and therefore staging of the scene. You must understand the potentialities and limitations of each genre to find which is best suited to your idea. 

I also teach how to act, having adopted and developed training exercises especially for puppeteers and storytellers.

  • Create your own performance, read HERE


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 Medieval woodcut in background from wikipedia: De Claris Mulieribus.

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