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Shadow Theater Masks

In contemporary Shadow Theater we often see the actors themselves behind the screen working with the shadow of their own bodies as part of the performance.

It is possible to build masks that are worn over the head as part of the characters in the show. The masks that I will teach you build allow you to work facing the screen yet showing the character in profile, allowing you to see your shadow at all times.

Above: From Where the Wild Things Are at the David Yellin College of Education, students of my course Children's Theater Production.

Below: Shadow Theater masks built from cardboard. Student work at the David Yellin College of Education. Color can be added by painting or by colored cellophane paper in the cutout areas.

My own work with Shadow Theater masks goes back to the late 70's in Argentina

where I was part of a group called "Transparencias".

Our masks (see below) were built in a different technique that did not allow us to see our own shadows. They were made from metal mesh covered in transparent acetate which could be colored.


Languages: Hebrew, Spanish, English.

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