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Kamishibai Picture Storytelling

Updated: Jun 7, 2022

Workshops in Jerusalem and online by zoom.

The oral telling of a story is multimodal in that we use two channels to communicate: verbal and non verbal.The gestures of the storyteller enhance the visual imagery of events and the emotions that lead characters to make decisions and act. In Kamishibai which originated in Japan, a series of changing pictures are an additional visual component to the imagery created by the body language of the storyteller. We will use this medium to explore how different ways of combining words, gestures and pictures interact in the story structure, how they affect the meaning, clarity and precision of our communication and the emotional impact we can have on the audience of our oral story, written story, animation movie, lecture or comic book.

For whom: Storytellers, ilustrators, writers, educatos, comic book writers, animators.

Where: Both in person in Jerusalem or online anywhere else.

Languages: I can work with groups in Spanish, English and Hebrew.

Participants: limited to 10

How often: I have weekly workshops from 10 meetings to a full yearly course of 28 meetings.

When: Depends on your time zone.

Price: Depends on number of meetings.

  • For a full description of the workshops and registration write to me:

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