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Kamishibai Picture Storytelling

Updated: Mar 15

In Kamishibai, a traditional form of storytelling which originated in Japan, a series of pictures contained in a wooden theater-like box, are revealed one after another as the story progresses. It is not just about creating and showing pictures for the story, but about exploring the many different ways the words and body language of the storyteller collaborate with the changing pictures.

We will use this medium to explore how different ways of combining words, gestures and pictures interact in the story structure, how the decision of what pictures succeeds another, the level of detail , the speed and nature of transitions etc, affect the meaning, clarity and precision of our communication and the emotional impact we can have on the audience of our oral story, written story, animation movie, lecture or comic book.

 For whom: Storytellers, illustrators, writers, educators, comic book writers, animators. Groups or private training.

Email me if you are interested in:

  • Storytelling hour for children or adults in Hebrew and English.

  • Teaching workshops and private training

  • Order a Kamishibai wooden box ( built by Mario Keizman)

  • Order panels for your story (by Patricia O'Donovan)

  • email:

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