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Body, Voice, Imagination in Oral Storytelling

Updated: Mar 15

" And all of those who have written down their stories, the greatest are those whose writings differs the least from the speech of the many anonymous storytellers"

Walter Benjamin in The Storyteller

For storytellers, puppeteers, visual theater performers, writers of literature, theater or film, teachers and lecturers.

Switching from one character's body, voice, emotion, intent, desire and actions to those of another in the story, in quick montage like transitions, demands a different way training than a theater actor that embodies only one role throughout the evening.

Exercises in class will help you mine your own experiences and the knowledge you have in your body to expand your range of expressivity and be able to embody multiple characters. Playing the needs, desires, speak for, act and react like others than yourself will help you become a better storyteller, puppeteer and writer.

from Andrew Comstock's book on gesture,1846

Workshops for groups or individual training.

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