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AMBULO Theater Company

Updated: Mar 15

I chose the name Ambulo and designed the logo. The name comes from the Latin "ambulare": going from place. This is indeed how I have lived since I started working in Puppet Theater 40 years ago, moving around, performing all over Israel and abroad: France, Germany, Portugal, Spain, Ireland, Switzerland, Belgium, Mexico, Canada, Brazil, Holland, Luxemburg, India, Italy. I perform in 5 languages: Hebrew, Spanish, English, French and English.

My work has been produced by The Train Theater of Jerusalem, The Bloomfield Science Museum of Jerusalem, The Jerusalem Symphonic Orchestra or self produced with or without public funds.

Ambulo Theater Company is engaged in:

  • Collaborating with foreign companies or individual artists.

  • Online or frontal teaching, consultation and direction of projects.

  • Designing and building puppet theater constructions, stages, screens, puppets and rods.

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