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Pablo Casals, THE CELLIST

Storytelling with miniature shadow cutouts

It is 1890. Pablo is 13 years old when his heart jumps an extra beat: he finds in a second-hand sheet music store in Barcelona a copy of Bach's six cello suites.

The show:

I tell the life story of Spanish cellist Pablo Casals sitting next to a wooden box on a stand, which contains pictures of the story. In front of me there is another chair for the spectator.

The images are made from miniature paper cutouts I glued onto a very long and narrow acetate film. The cutouts are between 4 mm to 3 cm. By turning a handle the film runs from left to right inside a wooden box that has a tiny window covered in semi transparent paper. A lamp illuminates the cutouts from behind so that as the story progresses the spectator hears me narrate and act out the characters' dialogues and sees a tiny moving shadow film.

The story covers his life from his childhood in El Vendrell ( Catalonia, Spain) until his last concert, here in Jerusalem. At the end the spectator is asked to put on earphones and listen to a recording of Pablo Casals playing his "Song of the Birds" which has become a symbol of peace.

The Peep Box:

Miniature shadow figures:


Artwork and Performance: Patricia O'Donovan

Peer Show Box: Mario Keizman

Music: Pablo Casals " Song of the Birds"

Audience: For 1 to 3 spectators.

Languages: Spanish, English or Hebrew

Production: AMBULO Company, 2016.


The International Festival of Puppet Theater. The Train Theater of Jerusalem. 2016.

The International Festival of Puppet Theater. Holon, Israel. 2019.

Among the public shows:

BARBUR Art Gallery in Jerusalem 2017, B & B residency.

CHANUT Theater in Tel Aviv 2018

HA ZIRA Public Libraries In Jerusalem 2019.

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In 1973 Pablo Casals gave his last concert at the Khan Theater in Jerusalem.

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