Image above: It is 1890. Pablo is 13 years old when his heart jumps an extra beat: he finds in a second-hand sheet music store in Barcelona a copy of Bach's six cello suites.

In 2012 I shared my Jerusalem studio with artist Josh Baum. Before returning to his native England he gave me a gift, a miniature paper cellist that can be made to move his arm and play the cello.

I looked for a famous cellist and found one that touched my heart. I have a soft spot for Catalonia ( now in Spain) and Pablo Casals was from there.

So I tell his story.

The spectator watches a miniature shadow show ( my paper cutouts illuminated from behind) while I do the narration and act out the dialogues about the life of Pablo Casals from his childhood in El Vendrell until the already elderly cellist enters an auditorium. At this point the miniature puppet appears, the spectator ( can be one or two) puts on earphones and listens to Pablo Casals play his "Song of the Birds" which has become a symbol of peace.

The tiny cutouts roll across the Peep Theater window like a movie...Children and adults love it...Most had never heard of Pablo Casals...


Miniature Shadow Cutouts and Performance: Patricia O'Donovan

Peer Show Box: Mario Keizman

Cellist puppet: Josh Baum

Music: Pablo Casals " Song of the Birds"

For one or two spectators

Languages: Spanish, English or Hebrew

Performances in festivals, the street, homes....outdoors or indoors

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Tel: 972-52-7453802

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