I can work with you until your performance ( acting/ masks/puppetry/storytelling) is ready for the public. You can come to me with just an idea in your head or a poem or story. You can feel stuck in an unfinished work or want to change a finished work that you feel is not good. Whatever the stage your work is in, I will guide you through the process until it is ready.

I will help you understand what are the strengths and the weaknesses in your work and draw a working plan.

The amount and frequency of our meetings will depend on what you need.

My participation in international festivals all over the world has allowed to befriend and learn from famous artists working in very unique, personal styles and in a variety of theatrical genres. Watching hundreds of performances has expanded my knowledge of what has been done, what is being done and what can be done.

There is always, even within the most traditional practices, room for your own unique voice and personal visual language. I can help you find and/or develop it.

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