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Teaching -Consultation- Direction

Updated: Mar 16, 2022

All aspects of : STORYTELLING with or without props, PUPPET, OBJECT, SHADOW THEATER.

Where: Frontally in Jerusalem. Outside Jerusalem only via zoom but I will travel for special projects.

Languages: Hebrew, English and Spanish.

Participants: private, or groups.

About me and my full CV click HERE


  • Consultation: 350 shekels per academic hour.

Consultation includes a visit in which you present me your ideas or your work

( finished or in progress).I will ask you to bring photos and recordings of your work and perhaps watching homework I give you before our meeting. I will explain what are the strong and the weak points in your work, what I propose you need to learn, further develop or change. I will design a working plan if you wish to work with me.

  • Teaching and directing: 250 shekels per academic hour.( reduced fees for groups)

Depending on your needs we will elaborate a working plan. The meetings can be arranged to suit your advancement and the fees won't change for at least a year.

Note: Academic hours are 45 minutes each. To the fees you must add 17% tax, you will get a payment receipt.

Cellular/WhatsApp: 972-52-7453802


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