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On the Theater of the Marionettes

Updated: Mar 15

Inspired in Kleist's 1810 essay of same name.


Direction, Text, Design and Performance: Patricia O'Donovan

Stage and Prop Construction: Mario Keizman

Music: Ittay Binnun

Consultant Dramaturgist: Yael Citron

Production: Patricia O'Donovan-AMBULO Theater, with the assistance of the Pays Lottery Agency for Arts and Culture.

The operating table where Mr K, the protagonist will gradually become a soulless puppet.

Kleist's essay "On the Theater of the Marionettes" is both a warning of what happens to us, humans, if we lose connection to our own souls in a society that increasingly dehumanizes us, and an offer of hope of how to solve this predicament.

Guest of Pandora Collective. Train Theater of Jerusalem, November 2016.

Opening: Festival of the Arts. March 2017

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