AMBULO company

Updated: Dec 28, 2020

Ambulo company was created in the 90's when I started touring France with my show "Louis l' Enfant de la Nuit" ( in Hebrew: נקודת אור). This show was a production of the Train Theater of Jerusalem which had many other shows from various different artists in its repertoire, and were all publicized as productions of "The Train Theater".

I designed the logo, and the name came form the latin root "ambulare" to walk or move about....

At present we are 2 in the company, myself and Mario Keizman who does construction work in aluminum and other metals, wood, plans and builds anything from the stage to shadow puppet rods. When we go on tour, Mario does the lights and sound.

The Train Theater is a children's theater, so my work for adults are productions of Ambulo company.

I am happy to cooperate with other artists or theater companies.

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