2 projects for 2017-2018

The Bridge in the Jungle


It is an idea, an image, a wish to work with the prints of Clement Moreau, a friend of my parents, a wonderful artist. Yupp as we called him, gave my parents the series of prints he made to illustrate the story by B. Traven " The Bridge in the Jungle" and deal with subjects close to me: The relationship between natives and colonizers in Latin America, refugees, exile, escaping fascism, Adrogue, Buenos Aires, my parents, immigration...


Below prints by Clement Moreau








This is not FILM


To video film the 12 meters of shadow theater I made based on Samuel Beckett's text FILM

52 shadow puppets, 2 years of work even though S. Beckett's cousin Edward writes to me " Let us leave Film as Film" after he had written to me that my project was interesting " Tell me when you are done ". I am not done yet.


in preparation


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