Object Theater

In Object Theater both the actor and the object are central to the events on stage. The object is never transformed, it is left as it is, giving the actor freedom to perform with it without the constraints of marionettes. Adding a pair of eyes turns the object into a puppet and the whole objective of Object Theater is to let the objects speak for themselves. By itself or in the proximity of other objects, an object can function as a poetic sign: a symbol, a metaphor , a metonymy. This poetic language of the objects combined with the body language of the actor and the oral language (speech-or none), all three together create meaning in the heads of the audience.




 There are two main lines working with objects:


Storytelling with objects is close to film and animation. The performer and the objects form visual compositions and sequencing that can change in time, idea after idea. Places can change rapidly, scales and sizes can vary as seen through the zoom ins and long shots of a camera. 



The other line is animating the objects as living characters.  The performer brings the unaltered objects to life, giving them voice, movement, character.  A lot depends on the poetic signs communicated both by the performer and the object that often act as extensions of each other. The objects can’t communicate plot or story but can hint at them by associations. And of course many artists combine both the narrative power of objects and their animation in their work.




Below: Scenes of Object Theater in my shows.


The workshop


Each session of the workshop begins with warm up exercises followed by group and individual exercises aimed at exploring both the narrative and the animation lines of work. We will analyse the work of artists such as Paul Zalloom (USA), Agnes Limbos ( Belgium) and Christian Carrignon ( France) and my own. As well time will be dedicated to the development of personal projects which will be presented at the end.

Participants will be informed of what to being to the workshop.






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