International Festivals

Patricia performs in English, Spanish, Hebrew, French and German.


  • Germany: Festival Playground Israel, Berlin. July 2015

  • Germany: KinderKinder, Hamburg. November 2015

  • Canada: International Children's Festival, St Albert. May 2014

  • Israel: International Festival of Puppet Theater, Jerusalem. August 2013

  • Israel:  International Festival of Puppet Theater, Jerusalem. August 2012 

  • Spain: TOT International Festival of Puppet Theater, Barcelona. 2011

  • Switzerland: CULTURESCAPES,  Basel and St. Gallen. November 2011

  • India: ISHARA International Festival of Puppet Theater, Mumbai and New Delhi.  February 2010

  • Israel: TEATRONETTO Festival for Children, Jaffa. April 2009

  • Belgium: Contemporary Shadow Theater Festival, Brussels. December 2009

  • Austria: Art Week for Young Public. DSCHUNGEL Theater for Young Public, Vienna. May 2008 (in English and Hebrew)

  • Israel : International Festival of Puppet Theater, Jerusalem. August 2008

  • Italy: INCANTI. International Festival of Puppet Theater, Torino. October 2006 (in Spanish) 

  • Portugal:International Festival of Marionettes and Animated Figures, Lisbon. June 2005( in Spanish) 

  • Canada: ARTAPALOOZA Arts festival for Kids and teenagers, Montreal. February 2004 (in French and English)

  • Brazil: International Festival of Puppet Theater , Belo Horizonte. June 2004 (in Spanish)  

  • Brazil: International Festival of Puppet Theater, Canela. June 2004 (in Spanish)

  • Israel: HOLON International Festival of Puppet Theater. July 2003

  • Israel: ZEBRA Festival of Puppet Theater, Jaffa. July 2003

  • Israel: HAIFA Children's Festival. April 2001 

  • France: MELI' MOME International Theater Festival for Children, Reims. March 2000 (in French)

  • France: XII International Puppet Theater Festival, Mirepoix-en-Ariege. August 2000 (in French)  

  • Spain: XV International Weeks of Children's Theater, Madrid. November 2000 (in French)  

  • France: International Theater Festival du Val d'Oise. November 2000  (in French)

  • France: MELI'MOME International Theater Festival for Children, Reims. March 2000(in French) 

  • France: 10th Festival of Theater for Young Public, Aix-en-Provence. October 1999 (in French)

  • Canada: Northern Saskatchewan International Children's Festival, Saskatoon. May 1998 (in English)  

  • Canada: LES COUPS DE THEATRE. International Rendez- Vous of Young Public's Theater, Montreal. June 1998 (in French and English)  

  • Israel: ISRAEL FESTIVAL, Jerusalem. June 1998. 

  • Canada: MILK International Children's Festival of the Arts, Toronto. May 1998 (in English)  

  • Canada: Calgary International Children's Festival, Calgary. May 1998 (in English)

  • France: International Theater Encounters, Vannes. March 1998 (in French) 

  • France: International Theater Encounters, Vannes. March 1998 (in French)  

  • Germany: AUGENGLIKmal IV German Children and Young Public Festival, Berlin. April 1997 (in German) 

  • France: International Puppet Theater Festival CHARLEVILLE-MEZIERS. September 1997 (in French) 

  • Ireland: DUBLIN Theater Festival. October 1997.(in English) 

  • Germany: KINDERFEST International Puppet Theater Festival. Hamburg, October 1997 (in German)  

  • Germany: LIRUM LARUM International Puppet Theater Festival. Freiburg, October 1997 (in German)   

  • Germany: International Puppet Theater Festival, Husum. October 1997 (in German) 

  • Israel: PHENOMENA International Festival of Performing Arts, Jerusalem. August 1996 

  • Israel: VIII International Puppet Theater Festival, Jerusalem. August, 1994




Performing tours abroad


History: After its success in Berlin in the Augenblickmal Festival for Children and Young Public which invited the best German shows of the year and one guest country which that year was Israel , the show was invited to tour extensively in Germany where Patricia performed in the German language. Since 1998 until May 2017 it will have performed all over France having been accepted into the program of Recommended Performances by the League of Teachers for Schools. (Spectacle en Recommandé) in the  French language. It has been seen by hundreds of thousands of children in France alone, in the big cities and the smallest villages, more than 2000 shows in theaters and schools with enormous success. (See adjoined clippings). It played for years with Patricia, until she directed an actress, Lital Tiyano stationed in France.

Besides the festivals the show was invited to participate in the regular season programs in theaters across France. 


At present: Patricia can perform the show in several languages: Hebrew, Spanish, English , French and German.

The show is compact and both members of the company plus all the show fit into a regular car.



In the pictures below you can see that the show can be set up in large auditoriums or small spaces.

For festivals a podium built on wheels is a solution for sharing the space with another show.






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