Hanuman's Jump

I learned wayang golek the traditional rod puppet theater from Sunda in West Java, as a student in UCSC

( University of California at Santa Cruz) back in the late 80's. My teachers were Professor Kathy Foley, Pak Undang Sumarna and Pak Nano S.


I brought back to Israel two shows. One was "Hanuman's Jump" from the Indian epic the Ramayana, for children and which became part of the repertoire of the Train Theater of Jerusalem, and the other was "Sanghyan Rancassan" from the other epic the Mahabharata, for adults, part of the repertoire of the Bamah Theater of Jerusalem.


Puppets: Original handmade in Java, Indonesia

Direction and Text: Professor Kathy Foley

Music by the UCSC Gamelan orchestra directed by Undang Sumarna




Learning wayang golek at the University of California UCSC


Watch my teacher explain the basics of wayang





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