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Hebrew title: נקודת אור

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“What can one do and say when one is asked to write a few lines about a show that leaves one speechless. What can one say about fifty minutes of pleasure that leave the children filled with wonder and the adults amazed? The words preclude the magic of the show which made out of very simple means, allows the spectators’ imagination to explode and to talk about the ineffable.”


                    - A.L. Fonbaustier,

                    Dernieres Nouvelles d’Alsace



Direction, Text, Design and Construction of Puppets:  Patricia O'Donovan

Performer: Patricia O'Donovan 

Music: Rachel Yatzkan

Stage Construction: Mario Keizman

Audience:  For all over 6 years of age

Languages: Hebrew, English, German, French and Spanish. 



CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE SHOW in Spanish with English subtitles




It spans the first twelve years of the life of Louis Braille, the inventor of the alphabet for the blind. From the age of three when he has an accident that gradually leaves him totally blind, to the age of fifteen when he makes his amazing invention. Louis is a curious child eager to follow in the footsteps of his father, one of the best saddle makers in France. But his accident changes the course of his life. Two hundred years ago the fate of blind people was bleak. Not allowed at schools, uneducated and hid by their families, blind children and adults lived as social outcasts. Fortunately Louis has the support of his parents and develops his self confidence and courage. He explores the world around him recognizing the villagers by their voices and footsteps. The village priest recognizes Louis's intelligence and thirst to learn and convinces the village school director to accept Louis. Soon he continues in the Institute for the Blind Youth in Paris which had a primitive and limited system for teaching the blind how to read.   Meanwhile an army captain was developing a system to enable his soldiers to read in the dark. Louis meets him and  works hard to adapt the captain's system for the blind. Finally at the age of 15, Louis makes his groundbreaking, worldwide famous invention. 


Concept and design


 The show is minimalistic in its design, built with materials that come from the world of writing: paper, ink, chalk, pencils.The techniques are mixed: rod puppets, shadows, objects and masks. It is not a matter of creating a uniform visual universe, but of choosing the visual language that supports the dramaturgy for each scene. Both the playing area for the puppeteer and actress and the “ behind the scenes” are visible. The performance flows between these two areas, the theatrical (creative) and the technical (the tools) becoming a metaphor for the act of writing.





It was created with children in mind but soon proved to be admired by adults as well. The age range is thus given as apt for everybody over the age of 6. The optimal conditions for the show are with a small audience sitting close but it is regularly played for a maximum of 120 people. Visually impaired people can listen to the story and are invited after the show to feel the puppets and the stage. For the hearing impaired it is possible to arrange for simultaneous translation.





Louis l'Enfant de la Nuit played all over France.

From 1998 until May 2017 it has played more than 1900 from the major cities to the smallest and remote villages of France. It was selected by the League of Teachers as a recommended show (Spectacles en recommandé /La Ligue de l'enseignement) for schoolchildren. As well it was part of the regular repertoire of theaters in France where adults enjoyed it as well. After Patricia stopped touring in 2006 she directed Maya Behar, Deborah Benassouli and Lital Tiyano who were stationed in Paris.


It has represented Israel in international cultural events such as the 60th anniversary of the creation of the State of Israel in Vienna 2008, the Week of Jewish Culture in Chemnitz, Germany 1997 and “Culturescapes” in Switzerland 2012.


Production: The show was first produced by the Train Theater of Jerusalem  with the support of the Jerusalem Foundation and the Train Theater still produces the show in Israel. Since 2015 AMBULO theater produces and manages the show outside Israel.



Map of performances in France until 2004!! Today it would be all red!!!




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