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"Storytelling and the Visual Image" at the Dvora Tsafrir School

Ask for course number 30 when you register HERE

Wednesdays, 17.45-21 hrs.

052- 224 6999 and 03-741 9938

Painting by John Everett Millais

The moment there are puppets on stage, we are in the realm of puppet theater. Puppet shows often include a narrator, a storyteller...but when we say "Storytelling" we are speaking of the art of the person that looks into the eyes of the audience and tells a story using just body, voice, facial expressions, body postures and gestures. And, as we shall also explore, pictures and objects but never animating them as puppets.

We will learn how to characterize physically all the characters in the story. How to choose a good story. What are the techniques to keep the audiences' attention.

At this level we will work with stories that have a narrative, a protagonist etc. Experimenting with antinarrative I leave for an advanced course.

In the second half of the course after acting training is done, we will explore storytelling traditions with pictures among them the Japanese "Kamishibai" and learn how to include objects, paintings and photographs with the story.

  • Feel free to call me with your questions: 052-745 3802

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