"Kamishibai: Storytelling with Pictures"

Updated: Oct 17, 2021

There are many traditions in the world in which the storyteller is accompanied by paintings. In the course we are going to learn how to integrate pictures into the oral story by practicing "Kamishibai".

I will introduce you to Japanese Kamishibai, and to several other forms of storytelling with pictures that exist until today in different cultures.

Kamishibai ( found no credits for the photos, the drawing is mine)

I myself studied wayang golek, the rod Puppet Theater of West Java in Indonesia, and how it evolved from oral storytelling with pictures at the University of California Santa Cruz with Prof Kathy Foley and Indonesian masters.

My latest performances of Storytelling with Pictures are "The Earthquake in Chile" and "The Cellist". Click HERE.

Each class includes exercises to train voice, body and gesture in order to play the different characters, watching videos, and evaluating the homework you prepare. At the end of the course everybody presents a project.

Among the many questions we will answer are:

How do I pass from a written story to an oral one?

According to what do I choose which parts of the story to illustrate?

Which stories are best for showing with Kamishibai and why?

Requirements: Possibility to record videos of your work where you and the Kamishibai box are visible. No drawing talent needed. Wear easy and comfy clothes to class with no accessories. You will receive instructions on how to build your own Kamishibai box from easy to obtain materials ( not wood) before the lessons start.

  • Feel free to call me with your questions: 052-7453802