How and Why to work with Hand Puppets.

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In order to work with a hand puppet we will start by building one. The type we will build has a sock as a basis and our arm goes into it. This tight closeness with our body forces us to work on subjects where dialogue, emotional expression, limited actions, two separate characters on stage together allow us to construct plot in a particular way.

There are two basic types of hand puppets: 1-the traditional Chinese hand puppets and the ones that evolved from the Commedia dell' Arte marionettes in Europe (e.g. Punch, Petrushka, Guignol) and 2-the more contemporary "mouth" hand puppets created by Jim Henson and Nevil Tranter.

We will analyze the potentials and limitations of each technique in regards to drama

( play/ conflict solving) and develop a show along one of these lines of conflict resolution:

a) As an aid in learning how to overcome a psychological obstacle such as fear, anxiety, doubt, low self esteem etc.

b) As an aid in education: the puppet character in the role of the one that does not understand, asks repeated questions, etc.

c) As an aid in modifying behavior: the puppet in the role of the one that breaks rules, behaves violently, is disrespectful or destructive etc.

  • איך לבנות בובת כפפה פשוטה עשויה מגרב וספוג.

  • איך לתת לה חיים ואופי שונה משלך.

  • כיצד בניית הבובה משפיעה על בחירת הסצינות ועל רצף שלהן. (דרמטורגיה)

  • באלו סוגי קונפליקטים הבובות האלה מתאימות במיוחד

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