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Hand Puppets as a Tool in Education and Therapy

Updated: Oct 7, 2021

The aim is to understand the power of puppets as the scapegoat that experiences the behavior we want to change, the ignorance we want to erase or the fear we want to eliminate.

Students learn how to adapt the problem to the stage. Rather than talk about it the problem and the solutions unfold as events happening in the present and experienced on stage. The audience sees the conflict, the emotions that arise in both puppet and puppeteer, and the solutions allowing them to learn through empathy and a direct immersion in the problem rather than being lectured about it.

For whom?:

Drama teachers

Kindergarten teachers

Special needs educators

Drama therapists

Puppeteers and actors

Educators in general

We can use the puppet:

a) As an aid in learning how to overcome a psychological obstacle such as fear, anxiety, doubt, low self esteem etc.

b) As an aid in education: the puppet character in the role of the one that does not understand, asks repeated questions, etc.

c) As an aid in modifying behavior: the puppet in the role of the one that breaks rules, behaves violently, is disrespectful or destructive etc.

Above: Overcoming fear of injections.

Training includes 3 stages:

Stage1: Learning how to build a hand puppet and techniques of animation.

Stage 2: Learning how to perform on stage together with a hand puppet that plays a second character.

Stage 3: Learning how to go from the idea to the unfolding of the drama on stage.

Below: Student projects at the Drama and Arts Departments of David Yellin, Emuna and Efrata Colleges of Art and Theater Education.


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