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"Conflict and Puppet Theater" at the Dvora Tsafrir School

Updated: Jan 9, 2022

Register HERE to Course number 29. Mondays from 17.00-20.15 hrs.

052-2246999 and 03-741 9938

Not all puppets give the same results, they are built differently and therefore move differently and this has enormous consequences to the type of work you can do with them.

In the course you will build the puppets you need for your projects, and learn how to animate and act with them. You will do 3 projects during the year.

How do you choose one or another type of puppet for your work?

What are the similarities and differences in terms of dramaturgy; relationship puppet/performer/audience; use of space; choice of content ( ideas, conflicts, stories, situations); time, effort and cost; between 2 genres of Puppet Theater we will study in class: Hand Puppets, Shadow Puppets and a third: Objects Theater.

I will explain why Object Theater is not Puppet Theater.

  • Feel free to call me with your questions: 0527453802

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