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2013 ישראל: הפסטיבל OFF  הבינלאומי לתיאטרון בובות בירושלים.

2012 ישראל: פסטיבל "בתים" עונת התרבות בירושלים.

2011 ישראל: פסטיבל בינלאומי לתיאטרון בובות, ירושלים

Israel :OFF International Festival of Puppet Theater, Jerusalem. August 2013

Israel:  " HOME Festival. Jerusalem...

Assistance, Consultation, Direction

Concept, Technique, Dramaturgy, Performance

In my Jerusalem studio or your place

The content and frequency of the meetings to meet your needs

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The aim of the course is to teach all about producing a play, from idea/ text/story to performance.

What I teach students:

1-If you start form a story, read it, know it well then close the book. Theater is not literature. Free yourselves from what is written in the book.


In Object Theater both the actor and the object are central to the events on stage. The object is never transformed, it is left as it is, giving the actor freedom to perform with it without the constraints of marionettes. Adding a pair of eyes turns the object into a p...

Masks that allow you to see the character 360 degrees in the space before the screen. They are worn over the head, the face is free allowing you to see your shadow at all times.


Where: In my studio in Jerusalem or at your place.

Duration: 3 hours minimum. 2 hours...

An lullaby from Mesopotamia. Shadow Theater for all ages over 5

The ancient lullaby will be sung in Hebrew and Akkadian at the end.

The show brings to life the story of a young couple and their village somewhere in Mesopotamia, 4000 years ago. It develops throughout 8 sc...

Education and Degrees

University of California Santa Cruz UCSC. Theater Arts Department. U.S.A.

1989 and 1991 

 Specialization: Indonesian (Sundanese) Puppet Theater( Wayang Golek) and Gamelan Music. Advisors: Prof. Kathy Foley and Pak Undang Sumarna.

Degree: Post-Graduate...

Patricia performs in English, Spanish, Hebrew, French and German.

  • Germany: Festival Playground Israel, Berlin. July 2015

  • Germany: KinderKinder, Hamburg. November 2015

  • Canada: International Children's Festival, St Albert. May 2014

  • Israel: International...

Selections from the press on the show A Touch of Light created by Patricia O'Donovan about the life of Louis Braille, the inventor of the alphabet for the blind. AMBULO theater. Jerusalem, Israel.

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