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About FILM 

FILM is a text by Samuel Beckett, it was commissioned for the Ever-green theater in NY and was filmed there in 1964. The following year it was shown at the NY Film festival. 

I worked on the text, not on the movie, taking careful note of ev...

The aim is to understand the power of puppets as the scapegoat that experiences the behavior we want to change, the ignorance we want to erase or the fear we want to eliminate.

 We make of the puppet a character that can suffer,feel neglected, shy or ostracized. He can...

In the photo: my mother, myself, my rabbit "Conejin Chin Chin de la China" and monkey. Probably 1955.

I am preparing an article about Kleist's essay. 

I read dozens of articles by scholars in different fields looking for answers about why Kleist uses so many mathematical...

Kleist's essay "On the Theater of the Marionettes" is both a warning of what happens to us, humans, if we lose connection to our own souls in a society that increasingly dehumanizes us, and an offer of hope of how to solve this predicament.


 Chapter One: The Gard...

 Before books existed we passed on information orally. We conveyed messages not only through speech but through a variety of gestures and poses. Our body was part of the communication vehicle. Gestures and poses were an integral part of the language.

Telling stories ora...

Louis Braille was 3 years old when he lost his sight. This is his story of overcoming obstacles and finding his way to freedom, inspiring and touching. A show that moves people to tears and laughter. For all ages over 6.

Olga Levitan

                                To Present the Holocaust to Children

                Ian’s Daughter by Patri...

Performed with the name בתו של יאן in Israel and Passé Composé in France.

Based on a true story " Of Tortoises and Other Jews" written by Jerusalem artist Hannah Yakin about her childhood in Amstelveen, Holland during the German occupation. Below Hannah in the middle wi...

The Bridge in the Jungle

It is an idea, an image, a wish to work with the prints of Clement Moreau, a friend of my parents, a wonderful artist. Yupp as we called him, gave my parents the series of prints he made to illustrate the story by B. Traven " The Bridge in the J...

Storytelling with Pictures

Artwork and Performance: Patricia O’Donovan

Text: Adapted by Patricia O’Donovan based on the story by Heinrich von Kleist 

Box and lights: Mario Keizman

Production: AMBULO theater

Since I studied wayang golek, the traditional puppet theater of Wes...

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